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1.Așteptați 10-20 secunde până la încărcarea canalului TV.
2.Uneori canalele TV nu sunt disponibile (offline).
3.Deși,verificăm o data la 24 de ore ,precizați în comentariu dacă nu funcționează.

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1 Chinna   (2013-11-17 11:04 AM)
while Gadaffi threatens Addis not to be the seat of AU? You were maknig use of the past history that you now consider it as if it is irrelevant for country's development. If you didn't understand the value of the past, or at lest consider it as useless, the party that you are heading will not attempt to rewrite history and taught it to the University Professors at AAUWe are now getting into the abyss because we are sneering at the wisdom of our ancestors. Meles and others may claim that the country is growing recording two digits economic performance. But, most of the community did not witness tangible reform in the way and standard of life. "WRONG WAY, GO BACK" it is important advice. lets have consensus on the past. lets learn from Japan, India and North Korea. their developmental efforts are accelerated primarily due to the value they attached to their past, their identity and their homeland. Still this is what you will adhere to follow if we give credit for the past.Habtamu from Addis

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